Program 2022


Grüntzig’s Dream: A Journey from POBA to CHIP

Day 1 – Thursday September 29

Session 1 – Revascularisation Guidelines and beyond

Commentator: Masahisa Yamane  |  Provoker: Khaldoon Alaswad  |  Director: Felix Woitek |  Rising star: Johannes Rigger


08.00Welcome & introductionDaniel Weilenmann & Hans Rickli🇨🇭 🇨🇭
08.15Training vs TechnologyElliot Smith🇬🇧
08.30  Live case 1 from Basel – Läckerli or DonutsGregor Leibundgut & Bill Lombardi🇨🇭 🇱🇷
 Sponsors: Biotronk – Medtronic – SIS Medical
09.00  Live Case 2 from Turin – Pesto or BologneseAndrea Gagnor & Roberto Garbo🇮🇹 🇮🇹
 Sponsors: ASAHI / Vascular Medical – Terumo
09.30 Live Case 3 from St. Gallen – Bouillabaisse or CrozetsAlexandre Avran & João Brum Silveira🇫🇷 🇵🇹
Sponsors: Biotronk – SIS Medical
Moderator Intravascular ImagingAkiko Maehara🇱🇷
Moderator Coronary PhysiologyJoannis Chronis🇨🇭
 The Battle – MVD, left main and CTO
 MVD, left main and CTO: CABG is the gold standardPaul Vogt🇨🇭
 MVD, left main and CTO: prime time for PCIRicardo Santiago🇵🇷
Myocardial Revascularisation: are the guidelines justified?Khaldoon Alaswad🇱🇷
Access for complex PCI: Time for a consensus?Pierfrancesco Agostoni🇧🇪
10.30  Coffee break & visit of the exhibition

Session 2 – Hemodynamics in complex PCI

Commentator: Gabriele Gasparini  | Provoker: Mohamed Ayoub  |  Director: Oliver Gämperli  |  Rising star: Nathalie Noirclerc


11.00  Back to the live cases 1-3
The “must know“ of the pulmonary circulation in coronary and valve diseasesMicha Maeder🇨🇭
 The Battle – Hemodynamic support in Complex PCI
 Hemodynamic support in Complex PCI: use it before it is too lateLukas Hunziker🇨🇭
 Hemodynamic support in Complex-PCI: too much overuse – who really needs it?Alex Nap🇳🇱
Dealing with large bore accesses: how to avoid complicationsLucas Jörg🇨🇭
CTO-PCI without hemodynamic support and cardiac surgery?Chang-Hwan Yoon🇰🇷
MVD in ACS – One or two stops?Diego Arroyo🇨🇭
12.30  Lunch & visit of the exhibition

Session 3 – Techniques in complex interventions and CTO-PCI

Commentator: Bill Lombardi  |  Provoker: Stefan Harb  |  Director: Mario Araya |  Rising star: Alex Achim


13.30  Live Case 4 from St. Gallen – Gouda or ParmiggianoPaul Knaapen & Alfredo Galassi🇳🇱 🇮🇹 
Sponsors: B Braun – Nexamedic
14.00  Live Case 5 from Atlanta – Poutine or CheeseburgerStéphane Rinfret & William Nicholson🇨🇦 🇱🇷
 Sponsors: Boston Scientific – Teleflex
14.30  Live Case 6 from Dublin – Shepherd’s Pie or Black puddingColm Hanratty & Hafiz Hussein🇮🇪
 Sponsor: Boston Scientific
Moderator Intravascular ImagingAkiko Maehara🇱🇷
Moderator Coronary PhysiologyTim Schäufele🇨🇭
 The Battle – Antegrade approach
 Antegrade approach: Explore anterograde wire escalation and de-escalationHeinz Joachim Büttner🇩🇪
 Antegrade approach: Do not struggle and go to ADR a.s.a.p.Bill Lombardi🇱🇷
Wires, micros and their contemporary usePatrick Siegrist🇨🇭
Bifurcation management during CTO PCI Jae-Hwan Lee🇰🇷
16.00  Coffee break & visit of the exhibition

Session 4 – Revascularisation in MVD and complex lesions

Commentator: Alexander Nap  |  Provoker: Amr Elhadidy  |  Director: Gabor Sütsch  |  Rising star: Peter Dietrich


16.30 hrs  Back to the live cases and lectures
Unprotected left main and bifurcation interventions: do it but do it very professionallyGregor Leibundgut🇨🇭
Ostial lesions: an easy game?Khaldoon Alaswad🇱🇷
CTO-PCI in heart failure and ventricular tachycardiaMichael Behnes🇩🇪
Patient and lesion tailored antithrombotic therapy in complex PCI?Marco Valgimigli🇮🇹
Radiation protectionBill Lombardi🇱🇷
Wrap up and informationGregor Leibundgut🇨🇭
The retrograde bar – how to perform the true Negroni techniqueGeorge Sianos🇬🇷
18.30End of the first conference day
19.00  Conference Dinner

Day 2 – Friday September 30

Session 5 – Imaging and physiology

Commentator: Paul Knaapen  |  Provoker: Michael Behnes  |  Director: Alexander Geppert  |  Rising star: Vladimir Rubimbura


08.00Welcome & introductionGregor Leibundgut🇨🇭
08.00  Live Case 7 from Seoul (Republic of Korea) – Kimchi or KalguksuSeung-Whan Lee &
Jong-Young Lee
🇰🇷 🇰🇷
 Sponsor: ASAHI / Vascular Medical
08.30  Live Case 8 from St. Gallen – Fugu or HerringMasahisa Yamane & Alex Nap🇯🇵 🇳🇱
 Sponsor: OrbusNeich
09.00  Live Case 9 from Milan – Risotto or ossobuccoGabriele Gasparini &
Jacopo Oreglia
🇮🇹 🇮🇹
 Sponsors: B Braun – Medtronic
Moderator Intravascular ImagingAkiko Maehara🇺🇸
Moderator Coronary PhysiologyJoannis Chronis🇨🇭
 The Battle – Physiology in complex PCI
 Physiology in complex PCI: too many questions not yet resolved – do not rely on itPaul Knaapen🇳🇱
 Physiology in complex PCI: a must!Juan Iglesias🇨🇭
 The Battle – Intravascular imaging
 Intravascular imaging: no PCI without imaging – really?Akiko Maehara🇺🇸
 Intravascular imaging: I do not really need itAlexandre Avran🇫🇷
And the winner is…. (Summary and conclusion)Tim Schäufele🇨🇭
10.30  Coffee break & visit exhibition

Session 6 – Let’s rock the Calcium

Commentator: Elliot Smith  | Provoker: Mauro Carlino  |  Director: Maksymilian Opolski  |  Rising star: Florian Riede


11.00  Live Case 10 from Liestal – Lasagne or FalafelPierfrancesco Agostoni & Lian Krivoshei 🇮🇹 🇮🇱
 Sponsor: Abbott – Shockwave – Teleflex
11.30  Live Case 11 from St. Gallen – Schnitzel or sausage Johannes Rigger & Daniel Weilenmann🇨🇭 🇨🇭
 Sponsor: OrbusNeich – Abiomed – Nexamedic
12.00  Live Case 12 from Istanbul – Kofta or BorekÖmer Goktekin & Haşim Tüner🇹🇷 🇹🇷
 Sponsor: ASAHI / Vascular Medical
Moderator Intravascular ImagingAkiko Maehara🇺🇸
Moderator Coronary PhysiologyTim Schäufele🇨🇭
Mechanical Atherectomy: the most effective toolMaksymilian Opolski🇵🇱
IVL is here to stay: the easiest and safest to useSimon Wilson🇬🇧
Balloons cracks it all: let’s KISS (keep it simple stupid)Florim Cuculi🇨🇭
Contemporary plaque-modification:
do we really understand what is best?
Elliot Smith🇬🇧
12.30  Lunch & visit of the exhibition

Session 7 – Stent-less PCI – leave nothing behind

Commentator: Florim Cuculi  | Provoker: Kristian Wachtell | Director: Marlon Walter |  LATAM Faculty: Alexandre Schaan de Quadros


13.30  Back to the live cases 10-12
Complex and CTO-PCI: stent and forgetBenjamin Faurie🇫🇷
DCB in complex and CTO-PCI: is penetration still too low?Daniel Weilenmann🇨🇭
PCB or SCB: does it matter?Gregor Fahrni🇨🇭
Scaffolds for PCI: back from the ash?Gregor Leibundgut🇨🇭

Session 8 – The Swiss live in a box contest 2022

Commentator: Eric Eeckhout  |  Provoker: Rainer Zbinden  |  Provoker: Gregor Fahrni  |  Judge: Gabor Sütsch


Case in the box contest
14.30  Case in the Box 1 – The too confident CTO operatorRicardo Santiago🇵🇷
14.40  Case in the Box 2 – CTO PCI: dealing complicationsNeisser Morales🇲🇽
14.50  Case in the Box 3 – Carlino talking about Carlino techniqueMauro Carlino🇮🇹
15.00  Case in the Box 4 – CART is still alive!Amr Elhadidy🇪🇬
15.10  Case in the Box 5 – Chilli con carne from ChileMario Araya🇨🇱
15.20  Case in the Box 6 – RCA CTO retrograde case using
extensive reverse CART
Byeong-Keuk Kim🇰🇷
15.30  Case in the Box 7 – The best Portuguese complication caseJoão Brum Silveira🇵🇹
15.40  Case in the box 8 – Make the blind seeLian Krivoshei🇨🇭
15.50  Case in the Box 9 – From failure to success: a post CABG journeyNathalie Noirclerc🇨🇭
16.00  Case in the Box 10 – Finally, I learned my lessionJohannes Rigger🇨🇭
16.15And the winner is …Gabor Sütsch🇨🇭
16.20Wrap up and glimps into the futureGregor Leibundgut & Daniel Weilenmann🇨🇭 🇨🇭
16.25End of the conferenceHans Rickli🇨🇭
16.30  Drinks